Major Works
FLARMINGOS, AR app, 2018
Dance with flARmingos, AR/MR experiences, 2017
Show #30: Kristin Lucas, And/Or Gallery, solo exhibition, 2018
Dance with flARmingos, AR sculpture park, 2015-2016
Away From Keyboard, Postmasters, two person exhibition, 2015
Air on the Go, video installation, 2014-2016
Tablet Tumblers, mobile media sculpture collaboration, 2015
Weird Object, performance with app, 2014
Sole Soaker, virtual environment, 2015
Refresh, courtroom intervention, 2007
Refresh Cold Reads, participatory performance, 2010-13
Refresh Archive (in progress), project archive, 2013
Yard Sale in the Sky, Austin, AR yard sale, 2011-2012
Durational Aesthetics, performance with app, 2012
Show #14: Kristin Lucas, And/Or Gallery, solo exhibition, 2008
If Then End Else If, Postmasters Gallery, solo exhibition, 2007
Travel Advisory, Slower Faster, Seasonal Fruit, duratrans photographs, 2007
Celebrations for Breaking Routine, video, 2003
5 Minute Break, video, 2001
The Electric Donut, New Museum, two person exhibition, 2001
Temporary Housing for the Despondant Virtual Citizen, solo exhibition, 2000-2001
Involuntary Reception, video installation, 2000
Between a Rock and a Hard Drive, project for the web, 1998-present
Simulcast, performance, 1998-2002
Host, video, 1997
Watch Out for Invisible Ghosts, video, 1996
Cable Xcess, video, 1996


Recent Reviews - Interviews
Allison Meier, Dance with Digital Flamingos to Raise Awareness of Habitat Loss, Hyperallergic, Sept 27, 2018.
Aria Dean, Naming is a Protocol: An Interview with Kristin Lucas, Rhizome, Mar 23, 2018.
Andy Campbell, Critics' Pick Los Angeles: Kristin Lucas, And/Or Gallery, Artforum, January 2018.
Mat Smith, 'Dance with flARmingos' hides a deeper discussion behind goofy moves, video interview, Engadget, Nov 22, 2017.
Mat Smith, I wore a (virtual) flamingo head while smelling of the wetlands, Engadget, Nov 14, 2017.
Christopher Trout, 'Dance with flARmingos' in a mixed reality mating ritual, Engadget, Nov 10, 2017.
Aaron Scott, Oregon Virtual Reality Incubator Takes Artists Into New Worlds, Oregon Public Broadcasting, Feb 24, 2017.
Virtual Viewership: Kristin Lucas and Joe McKay's "Away From Keyboard", The 10,000, Master & Dynamic, Jan 12, 2016.
Courtney Fiske, In The Studio: Kristin Lucas, Art in America, Sept 2013.

And/Or Gallery, Los Angeles
Postmasters Gallery, New York
Video Distribution: Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI), New York
Contact: kristinlucas at gmail dot com