Dance with flARmingos: Multispecies Dance

Dance with flARmingos: Multispecies Dance, Print Screen Festival, Holon Cinematheque, Israel. Photo credit: Print Screen Festival.

A Mixed Reality experience that features a dance between humans and virtual flamingos, and pays homage to the flamingo - a consummate showman and embattled victim of environmental neglect - by staging a kinship from an ethical distance.
A Kinect iteration of Dance with flARmingos premiered at Print Screen Festival on June 22, 2017. The experience integrates Lucas's own motion data, her adopted wild flamingos' migration data, and live motion capture via Kinect sensor, respectively, to animate a flock of virtual flamingos, spatialize sound, and bring multiple participants into a world where they can dance with flamingos as flamingo avatars. Production support was provided through an AR/VR Artist Research Residency co-sponsored by Oregon Story Board, Upfor and Eybeam; and a Digital Art Residency co-sponsored by Yafo Creative and Print Screen Festival.

Roaming Night: Alien Minds Program, Print Screen Festival, June 22, 2017.

Screen recording of flamingos animated by humans via motion capture data and Kinect sensor.