Weird Object, 2014, performance with app

Weird Object, Performance with App, Poisiefest, Berlin, Germany, June 2014.

A monologue about a fictional object with a moody narrative arc, written out of aggregate data sourced from online customer product reviews. Originally published as a pocket-size concept book titled Dollar Store Quality Piece of Scrap (2013), then adapted into a spoken word performance that gets mediated through an app. The book was co-produced by Publication Studio and Eyebeam.

The app is programmed to resemble a speed reading experiment. It reveals only three words from the text at a time which affects my speech pattern because I have to concentrate on the fast moving words, and the program does not take into account syllables. When there multisyllabic words appear on the screen my reading pace quickens and heightens the anxiety of the character's story.

Detail: Screen recording of Weird Object app.

Dollar Store Quality Piece of Scrap, Visual Art Center (VAC), University of Texas Austin, November 2013; Photo credit: VAC.