Sole Soaker, 2015, documentation of navigation with game controller from Kristin Lucas on Vimeo.

Sole Soaker, 2015, virtual environment; "Away From Keyboard", Postmasters, New York.

Sole Soaker is an interactive virtual environment that features a "pedestrian roller coaster" - a fictional roller coaster-like structure composed entirely of steps, conceived as a public art sculpture that is slow, meditative and tedious to move through. Viewers can experience a first-person perspective of this enormous, fictional 'ride', using a game controller to climb and descend its stairways as the sea level gradually rises and falls around them. Elements of this piece are based loosely on a climate change study about projected sea level rise in the state of Florida. Originally presented alongside a vending card displaying 3d printed goods one might encounter on a day trip. Sole Soaker was first presented at Gallery Protocol in Gainesville, FL in September 2015.

Sole Soaker, 2015, detail: screenshots from Postmasters installation.

Sole Soaker, 2015, detail of installation; "Away From Keyboard", Postmasters, New York.

Sole Soaker installation includes a projection, game controller, beach chairs and a game-like inventory of 3d printed goods displayed on a vending cart.

Inventory, 2015, digitally fabricated sculpture; "Away From Keyboard", Postmasters, New York.