Independent Media Virus & Triage Clinic (detail), 2006, neighborhood public radio performance

During a radio broadcast, Lucas reported to neighborhood public radio's listening audience, that an "independent media" virus was being spread over the airwaves through their live transmission. Listeners to the station were informed about their exposure to the virus and directed to head to the station for immediate attention in a makeshift triage clinic. Upon arrival, patients received a consultation from specialists (special effects makeover artists) who then created on their skin, a visualization of the degree to which they had been infected by independent media. They were also warned about other possible media viruses that they may have been exposed to, such as private network media viruses, before being released from the clinic.

neighborhood public radio (npr) is a low power community-based location variable radio station that was founded in 2004 by Lee Montgomery, Jon Brumit, and Michael Trigilio.