if lost then found

Solo exhibition: Or Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.

Life Sustaining Systems: Untitled (propeller), 2006; Chicken Little, oscillating, 1996; Inhaler, 2006

Inkjet Prints: Shell Station, San Francisco, 2006; Negation, 2006; Garron Reading Room, UC Berkeley, 2006

Untitled series (transference stations, backup generators), 2006

Lo-Fi Green Sigh, 2004, video projection

The sound for Lo-Fi Green Sigh was mixed by Jude Tallichet and Doug Hendersen and edited by Kristin Lucas. The soundtrack for this video provided soundtrack for exhibition. The video was projected on a wall in the main gallery.

Involuntary Reception, 2000, video projection

Involuntary Reception was projected in a separate room.

Magic Eyes Cream Headache Sandwich, 2005, video installation

Image of installation is a placeholder, borrowed from different exhibition.

Exhibition Views

Works in exhibition spanned years 1996-2006.