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Fat Tuesday

Source: Las Vegas Sun online; Photo credit: Leila Navidi

Bill Wantland, self-proclaimed Unofficial embassador of Las Vegas, dons a string of plastic pearls for each of his many personas: Disco Santa, Moondog, VGP (Version Googleplex) - to name only a few. Bill is an entertainer who makes frequent appearances on historic Freemont Street. He is pictured above celebrating Fat Tuesday with Mermaids Casino hostesses Karita Davidson and Bibi Anderson.

ksl2 2010/02/24 18:50

Rikki Redd at Tubby's Golden Lantern tonite

Drag performer Rikki Redd. Photo courtesy of Rikki Redd.

Rikki Redd is performing at Tubby's Golden Lantern in New Orleans tonite along with Passion Armani Cassadine, Vanessa Carmicheal, and guest Tammy Tarmac.

ksl2 2010/02/20 19:25

Interview with NOLA Drag Performers: Sneak Peak

Versionhood interviewed drag performers Anita Rich Goodman and Rikki Redd this Fall in New Orleans. Here's a sneak preview:

ARG: Anita Rich Goodman
KSL2: Kristin Sue Lucas, version 2
RR: Rikki Redd

KSL2: How long have you been performing in drag?

ARG: I started doing drag up in Michigan. First of all I have nine sisters so wearing a dress was like hand me downs. Up in Michigan I was part of a show, uh, theater casting. An AIDS foundation was looking for people who wanted to do drag for a benefit, and that’s when I started doing drag, that was in 1998. I did, occasionally, for Halloween and stuff, dress up as a woman, but I became a drag performer, I had a different name, up in Michigan. I did glamour drag where I did more comedy with heavy metal rock gear, and my name was Devita Hammond. Every time I go up to Michigan and they ask me to do a drag show they don’t go with Anita Rich Goodman. I told them I don’t know how many times “I’m Anita Rich Goodman,” and they still introduce me as Devita Hammond.

RR: I know exactly when I started. The first show I ever did was in 1993, and I wasn’t scheduled to do it, I was helping out a friend. I was supposed to be in her skit, and she backed out, so I said you know what, I’m gonna do it and I went ahead and did the contest and I’ve been doing it ever since. So I started in 1993, but as far as my lifestyle, that started right after high school. Right when I moved out of mommy’s house. I went back there, I took her for dinner. I said you know what, this is who I am, this is what I do, live with it. And they just were outdone.

ARG: I was here in New Orleans for two years before I was asked to do a pageant by my employer at that time. He found out I did drag and he didn’t have enough contestants to do the pageant, and that’s when Anita Rich Goodman was born. It was a trailer park pageant, and I came up with a moniker, Anita Rich Goodman, I Need A Rich Good Man. It stuck and I won the pageant. Miss Trailer Park 2004.

RR: It’s always a good thing. It’s always a good thing when you win.

ksl2 2010/02/20 19:24

Moondog's tribute channel

Moondog tribute to Cher tribute artists

Versionhood's beloved Moondog has begun to broadcast a string of “Tribute to…” videos to Las Vegas area tribute artists, influential artists and musicians, his extended family of friends, even nature itself, on youtube channel: VGP54. (VGP stands for Version Googleplex!) Moondog waxes poetic to the backdrop of his own compositions of recorded environmental sounds and music.

VGP54 tribute to KSL2!

2010/02/20 12:02

Matt and Jude Bowl is not quite the Super Bowl


“More Than Super” was a live webcast of the Matt and Jude Bowl concurrent with the network broadcast of Super Bowl XLIV. Something like a football game doppleganger only better, and more than. The Whom delivered a rockin' live half-time show on the webcast, while The Who performed for the network broadcast. There was also plenty of cheering, cheeseball, juggling, an alien, and a fully-clothed streaker.

ksl2 2010/02/07 19:10

Manufactured Landscapes

I just watched this documentary by Jennifer Baichwal about industry and global waste. It follows the photographer Edward Burtynsky, while he is in China working on a photo project that deals with industrial landscapes. It was intense, beautiful and frightening. His photographs are incredible. Watch the opening scene and the trailer and then go watch the movie. It is eye-opening.

liz 2010/02/06 23:34

Guest blogger teams up with Versionhood

Versionhood is pleased to announce the contribution of a new guest blogger, Liz. 8-)

2010/02/06 19:48

Cloned fast food favorites

In Orange County, California in the late 80's Todd received a copy of the notorious Mrs. Fields Cookie Recipe Chain Letter that had been making rounds across the nation. Trying the recipe led to disappointment. This was certainly no “secret formula.”Top Secret Recipes

Todd Wilbur has been sharing reverse-engineered preservative-free “cloned” recipes of fast food favorites and other brand name food products since 1985 in a series of books titled “Top Secret Recipes Unlocked”. Listen to Brian Lehrer interview Todd on WNYC's The Brian Lehrer Show and learn how to bake a clone of a Twinkie in your home kitchen (below).

This program first aired on WNYC's The Brian Lehrer Show on Wednesday, December 16, 2009:

ksl2 2009/12/21 19:10

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