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it's got to stay in the realm of fantasy

Yesterday I met J, a young war veteran who answered an ad that I placed seeking pervasive and role-playing gamers.

J joined the military at the young age of 17. With special ops training he served in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Africa. After several years of service, he was discharged following a psychological exam, deemed “unfit to serve”. J was then flown to the US and dropped in an unfamiliar location with no money, no government benefits, no previously promised governmental support. His military record has been erased. He is in the process of learning how to be a civilian. He struggles with friendships; he is more familiar with the bonds of brotherhood that he learned during his service. He is skeptical of the promise of social networking tools to bring people together. When I asked him about gaming he said, “I play for a few hours at a time, but that's it. It has to stay in the realm of fantasy.” He was unaware that veterans with benefits were being treated for post traumatic stress with virtual games. He also mentioned a short-lived participation as a LARP (live action role playing) game player. He has difficulty understanding the dynamics of today's workplace; spends his time outside of work cultivating his interests in the arts, and has ambitions to write about his life experiences.

A transcribed interview and audio clips are forthcoming.

ksl2 2009/10/23 11:36

Rebuilding Green

New York architect Paul Gleicher of Gleicher Design Group. Image from re-nest.

Versionhood will be present for a Global Green meeting in the city of New Orleans on Wednesday, October 21 to learn more about green rooftop rebuilding plans.

Guerrilla Makeover opens new doors

My Guerrilla Makeover with Morgan is already paying off, opening new doors for me - literally. I received a free upgrade to a penthouse suite at Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas while wearing this stylish casual professional outfit that features Fremont Street bling: a necklace beaded together with plastic sharks and whales.

The Golden Nugget has a large shark pool on display with a clear tube running through it. Guests can slide through the tube and safely pass through the shark tank. – ksl2

VIPs rock the Haus

A special thanks to everyone at Edith Russ Haus für Medienkunst for making Versionhood Party A NIGHT TO REMEMBER! 8-)

On October 2nd, Edith Russ Site for Media Art and Kristin Lucas held a one-of-a-kind event celebrating “living life to the fullest.” Versionhood Party, recognizing the untapped potential of being more than one, extended a special invitation to those with such experiences. The party featured an Elvis imatator, a spontaneous impressionist performance of political figures, and karaoke; DJ Stefan set the tone for the evening with stylish and rare cover versions of classic songs played to the backdrop of diy version-related youtube tutorials.

Bremen-based Elvis Imitator Dirk Büdecker; youtube video: ”Open a Banana Like a Monkey

Dancing and karoake until 3AM!

A full page spread on this event will appear in the next couple of days after I recover from all the dancing and singing. Check back!

ksl2 2009/10/03 18:46

Versionhood Party - TONITE!!!

On October 2nd, Edith Russ Site for Media Art and Kristin Lucas invite you to join them for Versionhood Party, a one-of-a-kind event that celebrates living life to the fullest. Versionhood recognizes the untapped potential of being more than one and extends a special invitation to those with such experiences. Versionhood Party coincides with Lucas's second year anniversary of her refresh!

Identical twin shares birthdate

I gave and talk about Versionhood at Edith Russ Site for Media Art in Oldenburg, Germany last May and met Genia during the Q&A. She has an identical twin sister and shares the same birthdate as my refresh birthday. After a brief interview, we headed to Foto-Ventura to have a birthday portrait taken together. Don't we look great!

ksl2 2009/10/02 14:10

The many lives of Joey Vitale

Meet Joey Vitale, a Los Angeles-based stunt artist and actor who wears many hats. In our interview Joey recommends that those interested in a versioning lifestyle condition themselves to “Pay attention. Sometimes things are given to you…” and you might not always recognize it. The interview is on the cutting room table. Coming soon!

KL: How did you get started? Were like six and you were in the backyard playing with your brother… ?

JV: Blame it all on Evel Knievel actually. Evel Knievel was my idol growing up. That is where it began. Watching him. I had my first dirt bike which was a Suzuki RN-80. Coolest little bike. I got that bike at maybe ten years old, twelve years old, I think. That was the beginning of my crazy life I had with stunt work. Started off with the little lady, I moved up––by the time I was done it was a 250. Beating everybody in racing, you know, just kicking some ass, until I got hurt. Because you get hurt in that sport. I broke my bones a lot: my knee twice, my ankle, my shin twice, my hand, so quite a few things I broke doing it so I got away from the dirt biking itself. And that’s when I started doing more of the stunt work which was, you know, safer in a sense because you really wanted to make sure you weren’t hurt at the end of it. Not like dirt biking––you just want to win. So it was a little different.

Wild Bill Wantland

This image features me putting Disco Santa in a headlock. Photo credit (right): Sher Whritenour

I spent my last day in Vegas with Bill Wantland AKA Moondog AKA Disco Santa AKA self-proclaimed “handicap ambassador of Vegas”. Some of you may recognize him as the WWF (World Wrestling Federation) four-time champion, while locals will recognize him as Disco Santa from Freemont Street, or from Jeff Beacher's Madhouse on the strip. He also spends time at the local children's hospital teaching kids how to be strong and positive; he is rewarded with small tokens (gifts from the children) that he incorporates into the design of his hand-sewn Disco Santa outfits. This is only a beginning… a full report and video clips will be uploaded soon.

Bill “Moondog” Wantland at Taxi Authority Meeting; Video credit: Forest Verde

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