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A talk in exchange for your help

Are you a representative of a club, organization, or institution?
I am offering to do a talk about Versionhood in exchange for your assistance putting me in touch with those I would like to meet for my project.


University of Guelph, School of Arts, Guelph, Ontario: November 16, 2009, 7PM.
University of New Mexico, Albuquerque: October 14, 2009, 12PM.
iMaschine Festival, Edith Russ Haus für Medien Kunst, Oldenburg, Germany: May, 2009, 9PM.
Woman, Body, Image, Centraltrak, Dallas, TX: March, 2009.
Shift Festival, Basel, Switzerland: October, 2008.


Starlight Cinema, Madison, WI: April 22. Time: TBA.
Variety Evening, New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York: October 30, 7PM. Curated by VVORK collective.
Versionhood Party, Edith Russ Haus für Medien Kunst, Oldenburg, Germany: October 2, 9PM.

Donations, loans of used equipment

<html><font size="5" font color="ORANGE"><B>Donations/Loans of Recording Equipment</B></font></html>

Versionhood is welcoming donations and loans of your older model photographic, video and audio recording formats to be used for documentation. Each format utilized will recieve a product performance review on this website.

Submit a Product Performance Review

Submit your own product performance review for an “older model or current” audio or video recording format (super8 film camera, Betamax video camera and record deck, 110mm camera, VHS camcorder, tape recorder, MD player, dictation voice recorder, etc).

Email any of the following items:

Suggestions for getting started. Describe the qualities that are unique to this format? Did the product meet your expectations in performance? Why, or why not? How and why did you acquire this format initially? Does the product have a distinctive design quality? How long did you use the product before replacing it with a newer model? Would you use it again? Take your old stuff out for a spin and report back!

Q: Where can I find out about older model camcorders, formats, and other analog and digital recording technologies?


To add to this list, please send information via email.


Seeking a stylist to follow my posts on Versionhood, and advise on a head-to-toe makeover with style-steps to compliment my dimensional lifestyle. Style dos and don'ts from my sessions will be included in a forthcoming manual on versionhood.

ksl2 2008/06/08 14:09

Dear Reader,

If interested in a position of advisorship, please respond by email.

Craigslist ad flagged for removal, twice

Initial response to Craigslist ad before ad was flagged and removed, 8-):

   hi there i been living a double life for over 3 years now , and can give alot of advise and pointers.. care to chat?

Correspondence with an individual claiming to be leading a “double life” dwindles after a few email exchanges. Drop location could not be agreed upon. Questions remain unanswered. In exchange for answered questions, I suggested a payment be dropped in a book within the stacks of the Oakland Public Library, but the double lifer insisted on meeting in person. Craigslist ad flagged and removed, twice.

Currently seeking a double agent or a double lifer for consultation.