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Magnavox ESCORT VHS-C HQ video camcorder

 Used on October 5, 2008 to record my second first birthday party at Centraltrak in Dallas, TX.

Camcorder travels well in a reusable plastic bag. Brought on flight as carry-on luggage, fits under seat or in overhead compartment. Video heads dirty. Color saturation inconsistent. Camcorder wines at first when asked to perform tasks, struggles with image stabilization. External condition superb for age with exception of stressed microphone windscreen and loose microphone connection. Could be a feature: “Great for silent videos.” To me, this digitally captured and encoded analog footage resembles what could be imagined to be a signal from a time capsule or a time machine.

View recording from second first birthday party.

Beechwood reel to reel audio recorder

This portable purse-size recorder commands attention! Who could refuse an on the spot interview when presented with this stylish companion? Used in October 2008 to record a consultation with born again Christians. Consultation was fruitful, though voice recording is muddled from ambient fan noise. Loose connection on 9V battery clip easily repaired with rubber band. Full product review and audio sample to be posted soon…

Masters of the Universe tape recorder

The Master of the Universe tape recorder is having some technical problems with its speaker, and it has a lot of sticky stuff on it.

Update: I got the recorder/player to play. The speaker works, but the microphone is very inconsistent and weak.

Sony Betamovie Video Camera

One of several older model video cameras on hand awaits consultation session and product performance review. This model of video camcorder records to tape within the cameras body but also requires an external tape playback system.

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