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Courtroom drawing, pencil on paper, by Joe McKay.

On October 5, 2007 I became the most current version of myself when I succeeded in legally changing my name from Kristin Sue Lucas to Kristin Sue Lucas in a Superior Court of California courtroom. On the name change petition that I submitted, I wrote: “Refresh”, as the reason for the change.

After a philosophical debate on perception of change, and two hearing dates, the presiding judge who granted the request said: “So you have changed your name to exactly what it was before in the spirit of refreshing yourself as though you were a web page.”

Read the court transcript.

For the months ahead, I will report to this website as I undergo strategies to better understand the implications, limitations and advantages of being the most current version of myself, Kristin Sue Lucas a.k.a. ksl2. I will consult with experts of law, philosophy, and media theory, cognitive science, genetic science; twins, stand-ins, tribute artists, double agents, the born-again, believers in reincarnation, and more. And I will hire a stylist and a life coach to learn how to best organize and represent myself as a dimensional being and living document.

This website will soon feature interviews, videos, podcasts, guest writing, tutorials, and a concise manual to be released in Spring of 2009, which can be downloaded from the site – all around the topic of versionhood.

Support for Versionhood
Versionhood in its totality has been made possible by a generous “new work” Stipend awarded through Edith Russ Site for Media Art, Oldenburg, Germany. Edith Russ Site for Media Art receives funding for its Stipend through the Foundation of Lower Saxony.

Additional support for the design and programming of an “open manual” on versionhood – a manual that is open to modifications and updates by the public, is being supported by a 2009 Rhizome Commission. An “open manual” will be launched in Spring 2010.

Varying levels of organizational support are being provided from the following organizations and individuals:

CentralTrak, Dallas, TX provided accommodations and space for an event, over four days in October 2008. Charissa Terranova, Director, and Mary Benedicto, Assistant Director of CentralTrak co-organized a Libra Party in honor of the first year anniversary of my refresh while I held consultations with Born Again Christians.

Annette Schindler, Director of [Plug.in] in Basel, Switzerland hosted an artist talk on Versionhood during Shift Electronic Arts Festival in October 2008 and arranged consultations with twins and a geneticist.

Terri Smith is assisting on many fronts behind the scene.

Geoffrey Morris will guest blog on Versionhood and is co-authoring the first podcast.

Information on how to become involved can be found under the ”Positions” tab at the top of the page.

**LIMITED TIME OFFER to clubs, organizations and institutions: A free presentation on the project's development in exchange for assistance setting up consultations with any of the experts listed above.

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Before and After

Photo credit: Paul Slocum. Installation view at And/Or Gallery, Dallas, TX.

Preceeding my name change hearings I approached several artists with the request of portraiture work to be done before and after my name change. The portraits, I thought, might serve as a record of the change that had taken place or at the very least as “backups” of Kristin Sue Lucas “the original” and Kristin Lucas version 2. “Before and After” is an exhibition of portraits by twenty-four artists.

The artist participants are:

Jake Borndal and Kate Scherer, Patty Chang, Ali Dadgar, Ala Ebtekar, eteam, Matt Freedman, David Hannah, Sue Havens, Jonn Herschend, Perry Hoberman, Paul Ramierez Jonas, Arnold J. Kemp, Cristobal Lehyt, LoVid, Joe McKay, Geoffrey Morris, Laura Parnes, Will Pappenheimer, Paul Slocum, Jude Tallichet, and Anne Walsh.

View portraits