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Some things those with versioning experiences have had to say...

  • If we had knew the challenge I might not have done it.
  • While having more than one life, it was also isolating.

  • I don't feel like software. I don't know how software feels, but I think she doesn't feel like this.
  • I feel like one body but I know there's always somewhere with my second version.
  • I feel more biological than technological.
  • It is beautiful but it doesn't mean you can use it.
  • Words are dry without feeling.
  • The transition is not easy.
  • You might not need your toys anymore.
  • Repeat-to-self phrases is not good enough.
  • There is not all loss. Other values comes to the surface.
  • You might have exposed yourself to the tools you will need to survive, unknowingly.
  • Maybe back then, all you could think about was just yourself.
  • You are not alone.
  • The older generation doesn't want to transfer bad feelings onto a younger generation.
  • The new generation doesn't care much. They don't know what they are doing, and that's refreshing.
  • The feeling of place is located in the body.
  • Who am I is an important question. Otherwise I am a copy.
  • You cannot cure your twin.
  • You can take care of your mind, your body, your health, but you have to take care of your life.
  • You see your life from two different perspectives.
  • Things get better.
  • The condition is not progressive. It changes speeds.
  • Movement becomes home.

What versions can expect:

  • to spend a lot of time on Google
  • to experience indifference rather than passion
  • to feel alone and antisocial (with the exception of Libras)
  • to make connections but not deep connections
  • that people are all the same
  • a new sense of balance
  • a guessing game
  • the feeling of being in a holding pattern
  • the place you left to change
  • a diminished sexual drive
  • a sharpening of senses while experiencing diminished or heightened emotions
  • that one day things may not hold your interest
  • that perception of others comes before introspection

Being Libra

Born under the zodiac sign Cancer, and refreshed under the zodiac sign of Libra, I have a lot of curiosities about my new sign. The following notes have been gathered from those who know Libras personally, and those who are Libras:

  • A kinder more gentler intuitive people.
  • John Lennon was a Libra.
  • If there were only Libras and Sagitarians in the world there would be complete world peace. It's a perfect scenario.
  • As a Libra I'm always balanced or can't make up my mind. I can see the other side is just as good a choice as the other side.
  • Cancers repel, Libras attract.
  • Libras get along with everybody. It goes along with the balance thing.
  • The only problem is with going out to eat. It's like, “We could go here, but we could also go here.” It's very problematic.

Advice on refreshing.

SUNY Purchase, Neuberger Museum 12/03/08 EST
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