Joey Vitale, Solar de Chahuenga, Hollywood, CA; Photo credit: Kristin Lucas.

Meet Joey Vitale, a Los Angeles-based stunt artist and actor who wears many hats. In our interview Joey recommends that those interested in a versioning lifestyle condition themselves to: “Pay attention. Sometimes things are given to you…” and you might not always recognize it. The full interview is coming soon!

Preview of interview:
KL: How did you get started? Were like six and you were in the backyard playing with your brother… ?

JV: Blame it all on Evel Knievel actually. Evel Knievel was my idol growing up. That is where it began. Watching him. I had my first dirt bike which was a Suzuki RN-80. Coolest little bike. I got that bike at maybe ten years old, twelve years old, I think. That was the beginning of my crazy life I had with stunt work. Started off with the little lady, I moved up––by the time I was done it was a 250. Beating everybody in racing, you know, just kicking some ass, until I got hurt. Because you get hurt in that sport. I broke my bones a lot: my knee twice, my ankle, my shin twice, my hand, so quite a few things I broke doing it so I got away from the dirt biking itself. And that’s when I started doing more of the stunt work which was, you know, safer in a sense because you really wanted to make sure you weren’t hurt at the end of it. Not like dirt biking––you just want to win. So it was a little different.

Photo on the right is from the archive.