Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive

2min 28sec excerpt from 17min three channel video installation 18.2MB

Kristin Lucas 2007

Lucas performs herself differently-abled, set out on an introspective journey in search of self-knowledge, while recovering from the bizarre effects of an inflamed rash, a rash that functions as an antenna for receiving Bingo call numbers. Under the care of licensed hypnotherapist, Dr. Ron Abbott, a collaborator in a lived performance, Lucas considers retiring from her position as Bingo caller (a position that she does not actually hold) at an airport casino (that does not exist).

"Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive" emerged out of a collaboration with the artist collective eteam and residents of a small town in Nevada, as a part of the International Airport Montello project. Music composed by Geoffrey Morris.

Location: And/Or Gallery, Dallas, TX

Location: Postmasters Gallery, New York, NY